What The Halloumi Chicken Ravioli




For The Halloumi Of It 🆕

Greek Cappelletti consists of Pasta d’Angelo’s “Rainbow Cheese Cappelletti”, Chicken Breast With Lemon and Garlic Flavours Cooked In, and Our Special Vegetable Tomato Sauce, Which Includes Roasted Peppers, and Zucchini Pieces. A Stunning and Exciting Bright Dish Thats Sure To Wow Your Taste Buds.


Vegetarian? try for the halloumi of it (veggie) version!

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Cooking Direction

Container is Microwave and Oven safe.

Best warmed from defrosted.

Microwave defrosted:   Unseal corner, microwave 2 minutes, check temperature, add more time if necessary

Microwave frozen:  Use defrost cycle, follow above

Oven defrosted:  Place on baking tray, 325F, 20 minutes, check internal temperature

Oven frozen:  300F, 20 minutes, follow above


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