Thee Turkey Dinner Meal – Individual




Herbed JD Farms turkey breast, with homemade turkey gravy, traditional bread stuffing, mashed potatoes, carrots and peas.
Please note that all modifications need to be ordered well in advance in order to be accommodated.

Serves 1

Order 6 or more for a 5% discount

Nutrition Facts

Cooking Direction

Container is Microwave and Oven safe.

Best warmed from defrosted.

Microwave defrosted:   Unseal corner, microwave 2 minutes, check temperature, add more time if necessary

Microwave frozen:  Use defrost cycle, follow above

Oven defrosted:  Place on baking tray, 325F, 20 minutes, check internal temperature

Oven frozen:  300F, 20 minutes, follow above


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