Fajita Chicken Mac n Cheese – Individual




Creamy cheddar mac n cheese topped with seasoned seared chicken breast, seared onions and peppers topped with cheddar cheese.

Serves 1

Microwave: Best from defrosted.  Partially remove seal, microwave 2 minutes, stir, add additional time if necessary.

From frozen defrost mode, then follow above instuction.

Oven: Best from defrosted. Place on a sheet pan, partially remove seal, 325f 20 minutes, stir add additional time if necessary.

From frozen 300f 45 minutes, follow above instruction.

Stove top, stir on medium heat until hot.

Cooking Direction

Container is Microwave and Oven safe.

Best warmed from defrosted.

Microwave defrosted:   Unseal corner, microwave 2 minutes, check temperature, add more time if necessary

Microwave frozen:  Use defrost cycle, follow above

Oven defrosted:  Place on baking tray, 325F, 20 minutes, check internal temperature

Oven frozen:  300F, 20 minutes, follow above


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