Deluxe Freezer Pack for 5


Lalala Lasagna - Family

Shepherd's Pie - Family Size

Mac n Cheese - Family of 5 Size

Thee Turkey Dinner - Family Size

Sweet n Sour Pork Chow Mein - Family

Chili Out - Medium × 2

Chicken Tenders - 750g Portion

Texican Meatball Bake - Family



8 no fuss meals
For 5 people
Family Traditional Lasagna (2250g)
Family Shepherds Pie (2250g)
Family Mac n Cheese (2250g)
Family Turkey Dinner (2250g)
Family Chicken Chow Mein (2250g)
Family Sticky Glazed Meatballs (18)
Ground Turkey Chili (2x900g)
Chicken Tenders (750g)


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