5 Days A Week Lunch & Dinner (individual)


Buffalo Chicken Wrapper - DIY Kit

Buddhaful Sweet Potato Salad Bowl - Individual

Mom's Spaghetti Bowl - Individual

Thee Turkey Dinner Meal - Individual

Sunday Night Roast Meal - Individual

#9 Chicken Chow Mein - Individual

Mama's Meatloaf Meal - Individual

Moroccan Me Crazy Wrap, Chicken

No mayo, different bread, don’t like your veggies? Let us know below!

Chicken In the House Salad - Serves 1

Special Requests

Exchange Dressing


Ceasar the Day Chicken Salad - Individual

Special Requests




5 of our fave lunches and dinners

Lunches Fresh
Buffalo Chicken Wrap
Moroccan Me Crazy Chicken Wrap
Chicken In the House Salad
Ceasar the Day Salad with Chicken 
Buddhaful Sweet Potato Bowl

Dinners Frozen
Moms Spaghetti Bowl
Thee Turkey Dinner
Sunday Night Roast Beef Dinner
Mamas Meatloaf
#9 Chicken Chow Mein


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