Look forward to meal times again

At Batch Food, we want you to look forward to meal times again with our delicious, no-fuss entrees, lunches, breakfasts, salads and desserts. Stock your fridge and freezer for fast, easy weeknight dinners and lunches. Take Batch in your cooler to the cottage or camping. Our premade meals make it easy to eat well – on-the-go or at home.

  • Delicious: Home-style comfort food and seasonally inspired “new classics”
  • Nutritious: Fresh, locally sourced ingredients
  • Convenient: Fresh and frozen; oven-ready or ready-to-eat
  • Affordable: A fridge full of meals for a fraction of the cost of eating out
 Joanne Lechner

The chef (and busy mom) behind Batch

Our head chef and owner, Joanne Lechner, is a Red Seal-certified chef and busy mother of two children. Early in her career, Joanne discovered that it was easier to prepare and freeze her family’s meals in advance to ensure that they ate nutritious dinners together every evening.

In July 2012, after realizing that many other people were struggling to balance healthy eating with busy schedules, Batch Food was born. Joanne began by cooking up batches of her family’s favourite recipes and offering them until they sold out. Then she’d follow up with another, different, batch of goodness.

As demand grew, Joanne kept adding recipes and experimenting with new flavours. She formed partnerships with local farmers and suppliers, and expanded into premade breakfasts, lunches and salads – even holiday feasts, as the customers who loved her everyday meals asked her for more ways to free up time from shopping and meal preparation.

Her and team recently moved from Richmond, into their new home in Langley, where the Fresh Gourmet TakeAway has operated for over 10 years. Bringing that experience into the team, they now have over 100 menu items to choose from for anyone looking for delicious food with no prep and no fuss. 

We prepare our food with local love

Fresh, local ingredients make all the difference, which is why we partner with local farmers and suppliers such as J. Baird Cattle Co., Snow Farms, and Farmcrest Foods, and shop the local farmer’s market every day to bring you the best, in-season produce. Local love is the secret ingredient that makes our food taste so good!

We’re cooking up something special

At Batch Food, we know that there’s joy and comfort in good food shared with friends and family, and so we try to spread the love by volunteering our time with some local organizations.

Batch cooks and serves dinners for the families staying at Ronald McDonald House in Vancouver every couple of months, hosting up to 110 people.

From March to June, our head chef, Joanne Lechner, visits a Richmond elementary school as a volunteer for “Growing Chefs! Chefs for Children’s Urban Agriculture”. She visits classrooms every two weeks to help the students plant and grow indoor vegetable gardens, and learn about local and urban agriculture, sustainability and nutrition. When the students harvest their vegetables, Joanne teaches them how to cook delicious, healthy meals with what they have grown.

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